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To be a great Councillor in Ward 7 it is just not enough to list what is obvious, but to listen to the constituents themselves.  It’s great to be a doer and it’s fine to be a sayer, but if you’re not an exceptional listener, you will help no one.

  • I promise on your behalf to do all 3!
  • Please vote for me – Randy Starr
  • “Be a voice – not an echo”

Just so that there is no confusion or misrepresentation, I am a candidate running for City Council that resides in Ward 7.  I feel as most do, that to truly represent any ward, you should live in it and be part of it so that you can understand that particular community exceptionally well.  Why anyone would ever think that they could represent a ward with more heart and determination than one of its own residents, I will never understand.  I have lived in Ward 7 for many years.  I know the areas of Ward 7 where speeding is not an issue with our residents and areas where speeding is a major issue.  I know that Ward 7 needs more stop signs and crosswalks making it safer for our children.  Living in Ward 7 has awakened me to the fact that Barrie Police, although doing a fantastic job, are reactive to the community’s needs but not openly present.

These are just a couple of obvious issues and I don’t want to openly state things that others may use to be elected, but make no mistake, I (a) live in Ward 7, (b) is willing to give up his full-time career, and (c) be the only City Councillor in Barrie working full-time for his ward.  If any other candidate can match these 3 simple criteria, than they should also be one to be considered in all fairness.  If not, then I believe that I should earn your vote.

Randy Starr:

  • Randy Starr is a Regional Director for a national Canadian company working with other companies such as Canadian Tire and Sears.
  • He is an outgoing politically minded family man.
  • He is married to his wonderful wife Sharon and is a father and step-father to 8 children and grandfather of 4.
  • He loves his City and is proud to live in Ward 7.

Here’s what others will tell you.  They will try to get your taxes under control.  They will tell you that they will listen to your needs.  They will tell you about the different boards and committees they have been on.  All this is great.  Because we all want to do those things.  But here is the bottom line.  Ward 7 is going to grow so fast, so big, with thousands moving into it, 10 new public schools coming, the annexed lands alone are zoned residential, commercial and industrial.  This is why I believe that the best interests of all of Ward 7 residents need to be represented by someone who can do all of the above, but a little bit more.  In fact, a lot more.  That is why, as I said, I AM THE ONLY CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR WARD 7 THAT IS GOING TO RETIRE FROM MY CURRENT POSITION TO WORK FOR ALL OF YOU IN WARD 7 FULL-TIME.

Things that I am experienced at:

  • Working with multi-million dollar budgets.
  • National corporate logistics.
  • Efficiency expertise.
  • Growing a national Canadian company.
  • Implementation of a company program furthering employee education.

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Randy Starr and wife Sharon


“Ward 7 has everything – beautiful neighbourhoods, great schools, dining and shopping.  But as our City and Ward grows, I want to protect the interest of Ward 7 and it’s constituents.”

  • Hospital
  • Parks Upgrades
  • Ward Maintenance
  • Traffic
  • Infrastructure
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Barrie Police Satellite Office located in south end of Barrie

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